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About Us: My facility was built in 1975 when the mini-storage industry was virtually
unknown in Chico. There was only one other mini-storage in Chico at that time, Anchor
Inn. Many new facilities have come and gone since then, but we have earned a solid
reputation for being friendly, caring, available, secure, honest and affordable.

Security: I am the Owner/Operator, and I live on the premises at the front of the
facility to provide you with maximum security. I also provide a daily "Lock Check" to
ensure that all occupied units are properly locked. This is an added security measure to
our customers, as you would be surprised how often a unit is left unlocked, or the lock
has not been properly closed.

We are secure because we are surrounded by private homes on three sides rather than
vacant lots. (In order for someone to climb our fence they would have to go through
someone's backyard.)

We have a coded gate that allows us to track everyone that enters and exits. Each
tenant has their personalized code. We do not allow entry after dark. At night we have a
security system that is armed with motion detectors and motion lights. If anyone is
detected, an alarm goes off and the police are automatically dispatched.

Payment: We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover cards. We will charge cards
automatically with preauthorization on file.

We do not have set-up or administrative fees. We do not require a particular type of lock
be used. We do sell a master lock for $5.00, and if you mention our website, we will
provide this lock for new customers at no charge.

We have a one month minimum charge.

The initial process to rent with us is very straight forward: A current I.D. with a picture, a
lock, one month's rent minimum, and a signature on a rental agreement. I also enforce a
strict rule that the person signing the rental agreement must use their own I.D. and must
be the owner of the items being stored.

Hours of Operation: My office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through
Friday. Saturday office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. I am available by appointment
also. Gate hours are 7:00 a.m. until dark every day.

We really do not have a "code of conduct." When we rent units we always go over the
terms of the rental agreement. We do not send statements, rent is due by the 10th of the
month, and thereafter a $10.00 late fee is charged. We do not insure the contents. The
storage of illegal or flammable contents is prohibited.

Availability of Units: As of this writing, I currently have all of my sizes available,
although my occupancy rate averages 90%. I do not accept online reservation requests
because I prefer to talk to the tenant in person.

I also reserve a few units to rent to college students for the summer. I only allow a
specific number of units for this purpose because their usage is for only three months,
so this allows me to serve the students while avoiding the possibility of turning away
potential long-term customers.

And don't forget to mention this website and receive your free lock with your paid rental!

-Jennie DuBose, Owner / Manager

Guy Rents Mini Storage | 2175 Nord Avenue, Chico, California 95926 | 530-343-6985
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